Lo Bueno y Natural

Great Natural Gourmet Products

We want more than "organic". We want pure nature. We promote the sustainability of organic farms and producers of Extremadura, Spain and other regions by bringing their products directly to your table and some of your favorite restaurants!
For us, Quality, Sustainability, Transparency and a healthy balance between social and environmental Responsibility and Productivity are the most important factors when selecting products for you! That is what our philosophy is based on.
We focus on these exclusive, healthy products that are for people like you and me, who are aware about what we consume. 
Until we make some drastic changes to the way we treat our planet and ourselves there will not be many of these types of products available. One of our goals is to promote and provoke exactly this very necessary change by raising awareness about the current state of food production and by working together with responsible producers and organisations alike.
That is why our products are NOT results of mass production. 
We carry products that every Chef would love to have at their disposition, and some do.
You might ask: Is there enough to go around?
Well, we keep the best for you and our esteemed Chefs and Retail Store clients.
So the answer is no, there is not enough for everyone.
When there is no more, there is no more. But not forever!
That is why we have created the Buenatura Gourmet Futures Marketplace where you, just like any Chef or Retail Store can reserve whatever product it is that you want.
Prepay or simply reserve with a fully refundable 20% down payment.
Lo Bueno
The good part?
When you buy future production in advance, you pay the price of today.
Next season, if prices rise. it wont affect you.
Lo Natural
If the prices fall, you even get the difference back! Now how great is that right?
Ofcourse you can also simply reserve with a fully refundable 20% down payment and when the product is available again, pay the price established at that moment.
For example:
In the case of our Organic Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico where demand and price is increasing rapidly every year, this can be of a great advantage for you, just as well as for restaurants and retailers. 
Like to get things done early? Want to buy a Jamón or Paleta as a Christmas present for next year? You know how Christmas gets with special products like this one. 3 or 4 Months before Christmas even starts, its sold out or more expensive than before due to demand... Never again. You buy it now, we send it when you tell us to. No Problems.

You can always contact us to find out more or place a futures order.