Premium Olive Oils from Almazara Molero Maza

Almazara Molero Maza is a Spanish family business with a passion for producing the highest quality olive oil. There are more than 8000 olive trees on the family finca, many of which are more than 100 years old.

These trees are cared for in an environmentally conscious manner and exclusively using ecological methods. This makes the extra virgin olive oil so delicious and healthy.

Although the Pure Picual Olive Oil does not have an official organic certification due to bureaucratic circumstances, they also come from organic cultivation and are processed in the same way as the organic range.

Almazara Molero Maza had both variants checked and the analysis showed that both oils are totally free of any synthetic substances.

Various olive varieties such as Picual, Arbequina, Pico Limón, Marteña, Morisca, Carrasqueña, Chamomile, Verdial de Badajoz, and Acebuches grow on the families lands.


Cheap olive oil means poverty, exploitation and ecological disasters.

Olive oil producers could not exist at these prices without EU subsidies. Those who can not market their own oil for lack of equipment will receive a pittance from the billionaire wholesalers - regardless of whether the oils delivered are now high or low quality. So no olive oil producer will bother to harvest his olives from the trees with the help of expensive helpers, so that they are not damaged and can be used to produce a high quality oil. For he receives for olive, which he let fall overripe to the ground and then already rotten quickly, almost the same price: Two to four euros for a liter of olive oil.

A price that leads to poverty, despair and the exploitation of black workers. The olive grower only continues because he has no choice. With each generation change, however, more and more farmers are moving to the cities. The olive groves grow wild, the fire danger grows, and after the fire they have finally disappeared, the gentle, romantic hills with the old gnarled olive trees, the leaves shining silvery in the wind. What remains are ugly eroded landscapes, in which landslides and unbridled storms prevail and remember only charred remains of a bygone beauty.

All this is behind cheap olive oils and all this is supported by anyone who is always looking for bargains in the discounter and believes he would get for his few cents even a high-quality oil - just because that's on the label. He was completely wrong.


Our commitment
At Buenatura Gourmet, we work exclusively with producers with ethical and sustainable practices. We are committed to enable these producers to continue to grow, in a sustainable manner, and survive the price pressures of the international markets.