Juanes Ibérico Salvaje

Juan Ignacio Juanes
Juan Ignacio Vazquez Perez of "Juanes Ibérico Salvaje" - One of the few pig breeders and farmers who produce natural, organic and above all sustainable Ibérico products
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This green landscape of oak forests in the south-west of Extremadura is home to our 100% Ibérico pigs, where they are born and fed with the sacred fruit: "La Bellota", the acorn. These prized purebred Ibérico pigs delight the world's most discerning palates.

Ibérico de Bellota Puro

What is a purebred ibérico pig for us?
Why purebred? This is the best guarantee of excellent quality and the highest preservation of the acorn flavors of the pigs that live freely in these oak forests of the Dehesa de Extremadura.
Why no crossbred Ibérico pigs?
The majority of the products on the market are crosses between Iberian and different breeds of pigs. This allows the pigs to put on more weight, but it also means that quality suffers. But why do most pig farmers do it this way? Their focus is on quantity rather than quality. We believe in quality over quantity. That's why we only have 70-80 pigs in an area where the conventional farm normally keeps 300 pigs.
Does the purebred Iberian pig have a lot of fat?
We are talking about purebred, free-range Iberian pigs. In contrast to the fats that are produced in crossbred animals, these fats are even beneficial for our organism. A 100% purebred Iberico ham, with its scents, aromas and nuances that come through this fat, is incomparable to any other ham.
We only use the finest quality spices, native salt, black pepper, pimentón (paprika powder), garlic. We don't use any additives in our products... And that's noticeable.

Four generations in the specialization and production of jamón and cured meats from purebred Ibérico pigs guarantee unique products on your dining table.


"Let food be your medicine and medicine your food!". Hipocrates The best way to create a product of the highest quality is to preserve the natural environment and allow it to regenerate. The animals feed on the natural resources in a rational way without depleting the soil. If these natural resources are not enough, we offer good and healthy food. All raw materials consumed by our animals are organic, without any pesticides or other means.
Our pure Ibérico pigs are born and raised in absolute freedom. They have a very extensive and nutritious area in which to spend their lives.
One of our top priorities is that our pigs are provided with acorns and other natural resources.
We practice regenerative agriculture and ensure a healthy symbiosis between trees, animals and the rest of the vegetation. This production system favors the separation of the polluting particles in the soil, reducing greenhouse gases.

Production and maturation

Within the walls of a monastery from 1520 in Jerez de los Caballeros, the processing of our products takes place. Here the ham, shoulder, chorizo, lomo and salchichón cured meats are cured, in a slow and natural way.
In the most natural way, as we have always done, with the best raw materials, the pure Iberian pigs "de bellota" as standard and also the absence of any preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers. Here all products are made as always, well cured with time.

Our commitment

At Buenatura Gourmet, we work exclusively with producers with ethical and sustainable practices. We are committed to enable these producers to continue to grow, in a sustainable manner, and survive the price pressures of the international markets.