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Buenatura Gourmet Common Growth Program. 
If you are passionate about our products and philosophy you can now grow with us by applying to our "Common Growth" Affiliate Program where you can earn up to 20% recurring commission for every customer you bring to us. 
If you refer someone with your personal Affiliate code this client will get a 5% discount on his first order and you will receive a 5% first commission. 
If your referred clients order again you will earn 5% every time they order.  
• When your referred clients place the 10th order, your commission will go up to 10% per order.
• When you reach your 20th order, your commission will be 20%.
On every order of your referred clients you will earn and grow together with us!
Sound interesting? Apply now.
Tell us about why you want to grow with us
Tell us how you heard about us and our products
Tell us about where you live and who your possible clients are and in what countries they are.
Tell us if you have a blog or website, FB or Instagram account that you will use to promote our products or services. Please share your links so we can take a look.
Need tools? We can provide you with buy buttons for your emails, website or social media posts! Just let us know what you need and we will get you up and running with great looking automated buy buttons and other widgets.
First name
Last name
Company (optional)
Vat nr. (Optional)
When your application gets accepted we will send you an email with your Affiliate ID which will also be the discount code that you give to your clients. That way anytime someone uses it, it will be appointed to your Affiliate ID. In this email we will also send you a form to fill out with your bank details so we can make your commission payments at the end of each month.
We will also send you 100 or more Buenatura Gourmet business cards with your Affiliate discount code so you can promote offline as well as online. If you want this just check the box at the end of the form with the desired quantity.
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