Orange Ginger 200g

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For those who love ginger, the scent orange ginger is made especially for them! With a creamy, liquid texture, this sauce has the first bitter taste of orange and then the ginger. It is ideal for mixing with dark chocolate, but also for preparing sauces for rice, sweet vegetables such as carrots, sugar beets or sweet potatoes to accompany or use red meat, duck or game in desserts, cakes or as a cover of cheesecake. It goes very well with the puree of whole and raw almonds.



Originally, I had planned the production of mango-orange aroma, of which a small batch had thrilled my customers. But when the production came, the mangoes were still too green and could not bring their characteristic flavor. Therefore, I decided to add banana and ginger to balance the acidity and lack of taste of mango. The result was not the same, but nothing is wrong with the expected scent. The selected oranges were BIO Azahar from Spain, Kent BIO mangoes from Burkina Faso, Fair Trade organic bananas and organic ginger from Peru.

Ingredients Properties

Orange ginger is also certified organic
Orange is rich in flavonoids, antioxidant components that can fight free radicals, responsible for aging skin and many diseases. It also contains carbohydrates, which are assimilated with sugars that quickly provide energy to the body. Its soluble fiber content makes it a good ally in limiting cholesterol levels in the blood, gently stimulates digestion and reduces indigestion. Eating oranges helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis. With carotenoids that stimulate the production of bone cells and stimulate calcium absorption, orange is excellent for bone.

Ginger is grown in sunny and tropical areas, especially in Asia (India, China, Nepal). There are written reports of its use dating back more than 3,500 years, but it seems that its properties have been known for more than 5,000 years. It came to our regions thanks to the Mediterranean trade of Romans and Greeks. It is often used as a spice to decorate dishes. In Malaysia and India, where ginger comes from, it is a well-known medicinal plant, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. Today it is used worldwide for the treatment of intestinal diseases, flu-like conditions and deformities.


Nutrition Facts
of it saturated
of which sugars
226kJ / 53kcal 
0,04 g