Mango Prickly Pears 125g

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Mango with prickly pears is one of the sweetest of my creations and resembles a jam. It is a thin cream of pretty red color. With a first intense taste of mango, it leaves the slightly sour aftertaste of the prickly pear. It is ideal to accompany foie gras, cheese, as a pastry to use, to distribute or to mix with yogurt.



Mango with prickly pears. The idea was born in Gran Canaria. For the production I went to a more local offer: The prickly pears are native to the area of Alés, where they grow wild in summer and reach maturity in autumn. It's not exactly the same variety that I find in Gran Canaria, but it's good too. The Kent mangoes came directly from BIO producer Frutas Biobena from Malaga, Spain, and I processed them with their shell.

Ingredients Properties

Mango has a high content of phenolic compounds whose antioxidants protect the body's cells from free radical damage. The main polyphenol found in ripe mango is gallic acid. Mango also contains mangiferin and gallotannins as well as tannins, compounds that are present in a much larger proportion in the nucleus and in the peel of the fruit. The main carotenoids of mango are beta-carotene and violaxanthin 13-15, pigments with antioxidant properties. The edible part of the mango contains fibers, half of which are soluble fibers. Their proportion tends to increase with the ripening of the fruits. Most of the mango-soluble fiber is in the form of pectin. The mango's skin is recognized as the source of high quality pectin, and the phenolic compounds it contains would also allow it to be used as a natural antioxidant.

Heart of cactus tells us numerous scientific studies showing the active role of prickly pear, Opuntia ficus indica, on the condition of the walls of blood vessels (anti-atherosclerosis) on our intestines (anti-inflammatory) the cells of our cerebral cortex (protection against neurodegenerative diseases). The prickly pear also has a water repellent and mineralizing effect (calcium and potassium intake).

Cactus Enzyklo Prickly Pear is particularly effective (as a fruit or dietary supplement) in the context of:

    Diet (appetite suppressant and low in calories);
    Diabetes (blocks the influx of glucose into the blood);
    Cholesterol (reduces the bad LDL and the good HDL);
    Abdominal and intestinal pain;
    Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
    Diarrheal diseases.


Nutrition Facts
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