Pear Lavender 125g

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Pear and lavender, is one of the favorite flavors of Madre e Hija! It is fresh, it smells very strongly of lavender and you chew the small pieces of cocoa beans. It's like the transport to the lavender fields of Provence. You can eat it as it is with a spoon, but it is perfect to accompany cheese, meat and fish, it can be used in desserts. From almonds and cashew nuts, cream and fresh milk and this condiment conjure up an exceptionally fragrant sauce, which is great with rice, meat, fish. We can replace fresh cream and milk with almond milk, if we want to do without dairy products.


The idea for this highly aromatic blend came to Madre e hija when she tried Franck, a friend whose biscuits Kocolo & Zaza. From this they have created associations with their products. After tasting Franck's lavender crunch with her Black Fig Cocoa Beans spice, the producer realized that the cocoa-lavender blend was perfect. At that time, she did a test and shortly thereafter began production with the organic pear from Languedoc-Roussillon, the organic mountain lavender and organic cocoa beans, unaffected fair trade, from Peru.

Ingredients Properties

The pear is very rich in water and contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are useful for a balanced diet. In particular, it is a source of copper, vitamin C and vitamin K. Moderately energetic (it provides about 50 kcal per 100 g), it can be included in the menu by almost all guests, including those who monitor their line. It is moderately antioxidant, with organic pears being more antioxidant than those from conventional agriculture. With a PRAL index of -2.1, it belongs to alkaline foods.

Lavender comes from the western Mediterranean. The ancient Romans used it to perfume the baths and linen. St. Hildegard of Bingen gave it a place of choice in its natural pharmacopoeia in the twelfth century and was cultivated in the monasteries at the same time because of its therapeutic properties. Since the Middle Ages lavender was used in Provence for the production of medicines and perfumes. Since the 19th century, this crop has grown in several European countries as well as in America.

Main therapeutic applications of lavender:

     Dermatological problems (bactericidal, antiseptic).
     Joint and rheumatic pains.
     Irritation and / or airway inflammation.
     Nervousness, fear, anxiety.
     Insomnia: promotes sleep.

Nutrition Facts
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