Madre e Hija

Madre e Hija is innovation: it combines fruits with extraordinary organoleptic features and outstanding health benefits.
Madre e Hija is food design: we develop and present the product so that it not only delivers culinary pleasure, but also aesthetic delight.
Madre e Hija is, above all, a no-sugar lab: we make the most of the fruits’ own sugar to avoid using any added sugars or syrups.
Madre e Hija is art & colour: we combine raw materials with different colours and textures to create the perfect piece of art.
Madre e Hija was born out of the special bond between a mother and her daughter - an unbreakable bond, full of love and affection. We devote the same love and affection to the preparation of Madre e Hija, to offer you an innovative culinary experience.
It all began in the Agaete Valley, with its abundance of uniquely flavoured citrus fruits, delicious avocados, mangoes and bananas and prickly pears that colour the valley with touches of magenta. A whole range of ingredients within reach to awaken the imagination and inspire first-rate culinary creation.
Always on the move
Madre e Hija is ready to follow that inspiration: from Agaete in the Canary Islands, to the department of Lozère in France. Madre e Hija has established its second headquarters in this region rich with traditions, and it may be not the last…
Madre e Hija products are primarily based on bananas from the Canary Islands.
Our very first offering is made of banana and prickly pears. We combine the best quality bananas with the pulp of the prickly pear, a fruit that adds striking visual and exceptional organoleptic features as well as remarkable nutritional benefits.
It is a thick, magenta coloured, sweet tasting puree with a slight zesty tang. It’s ideal as a spread and can also be served with cheese or fruit. Use it as a base for dressings or sauces, or add it to meat, game or fish. It’s great in crêpes, sponge cakes and croissants, over cheesecakes or as a base for ice creams or sorbets ... Let your imagination run wild!